Top Considerations For Yard Design

What are the top considerations for usability when it comes to yard and stable design?


No equestrian hasn’t at one time or another sat an dreamt about what their ideal yard and stable layout would be.  From relocating the tack room, to adding finishing touches such as automatic drinkers, what top considerations for usability do the experts at Equine Construction recommend?


Essentially it comes down to designing a yard that it is time efficient, practical and works for those using it.


Something as simple as having the tack room as central as possible can save time and effort.  Similarly having wash bays, solaria and tie up areas within easy reach of tack and rug rooms can make preparing horses for work and competitions a lot less stressful.


Well placed taps and feed rooms, along with little extras such as automatic drinkers, swivel feeders within the stable fronts and integrated hay racks can make life a little easier.  Especially on larger yards, reducing the time that grooms need to spend going in and out of stables. Horses can be fed and watered without the need for going into each individual stable, making the whole yard run more efficiently


Having a muck heap/trailer as close as possible to the stables can save a considerable amount of time and effort.  Allowing adequate access to these areas for quick, easy and environmentally friendly waste removal can also be a huge benefit to any yard.


Designing the yard so that all facilities, for example riding arenas and horse walkers, are within easy access and on good walk ways.  Equally planning ahead for the wetter months can remove a considerable amount of stress.  Designing paddock layouts and adding surface or reinforced walk ways to and from and between paddocks can make life a little easier during Winter when most equestrians will be battling the mud.


Good lighting is essential in all areas particularly for the winter months.  Not just overall lighting, but lighting within stables, treatment areas and smaller work areas.  Not only with better lighter make a nicer working environment but it will make a safer one as well.



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