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Equine Planning 

Equine Planning provides the complete equestrian planning solution. With  highly accomplished and experienced planning consultants and consultant architects who work on our behalf we offer a complete planning and design package.

From advice on planning permission for stables, to equestrian arenas and horse walkers. Let us plan and design your entire equine property.

The Equine Planning team displays an incredible depth of knowledge and expertise. Together with, sister company, Equine Construction, we can turn your equestrian dreams into reality.

Equestrian Architecture

Project Management


From basic drawings to full planning permission applications.  Equine Planning provided the link between our clients and the planning authorities.


Managing the client/contractor relationship from day one to completion. In addtion, they will provide full construction drawings and cost analysis.

Topographical surveys, landscaping and Environmental surveys, are all part of the Equine Planning service.

Design & Build

Current Projects

“I believe that as equestrians we feel as passionate about our horses surroundings as we do about our own homes! Every detail matters, with the safety and comfort of your horse being paramount.

This is the reason i personally oversee and manage every project Equine Construction undertakes.”

David Johnson, Managing Director & Owner of Equine Construction