The Complete Equine Planning Solution

At Equine Planning we are proud to offer the full planning and design package. Each of our current projects benefits from our years of experience and niche equestrian expertise.



Indoor Arena, Sussex

Equine Construction & Equine planning were approached by an Architectural practice to advise on the design of a new indoor riding arena for a private client in Sussex.

We were excited to offer our design and construction consultancy service for this exciting project and Equine Construction were subsequently recommended to carry out the construction by the Architects.

The 60m x 20m indoor arena has a composite insulated roof with a clear barrel ridge and all steelwork is painted in Anthracite, the building is clad in insulated composite sheets. The kickboards are PVC tongue and groove boarding set onto a concrete plinth and finished with a matching steel trim.

Racing Yard Dubai

Equine Construction and Equine Planning were approached by a major contractor in Dubai to work alongside them in responding to  an RFP that was issued for the High level design of a new racing yard paying close attention to strategies for the welfare of 80 Racehorses including air conditioning, ventilation, self sufficiency for each stable block to avoid cross contamination and ensuring sufficient natural light whilst deflecting heat from the sun.

The facilities include

Accommodation block for 30 staff

Hydrotherapy  centre

4 stable blocks with 80 stables

Veterinary area

Offices and welfare facilities

Isolation yard.

Turn out pens

Walking areas

outdoor exercise arena

Luxury Dressage Yard, Cotswolds

Every now again a truly beautiful project comes along and this was certainly the case when we were approached to design, and build, the stunning facilities for this luxury dressage yard.

The  challenge was to take the existing agricultural building and transform it into a stunning and unique stable yard, boasting beautiful features of archways, brick detailing and beautiful powder coated Victorian style stables.

The  building had the steel uprights every 6m so it was always going to be a challenge finding a layout which worked and gave us centrally located windows within each stable.  We overcame this by using a clever design of placing ancillary rooms and wash bays in such a way as to accommodate the central windows.

The next challenge was to design the layout in such a way so as to reduce the agricultural feel and change it into a luxurious equestrian use.  We achieved this by diving the internal space into 3 separate areas, and used stunning archways with bespoke brick detailing.  Each yard would then contain 8-9 stables and associated tack and feed rooms, along with wash bays and solaria.

Our finishing touches on the design included internal Crittal arched doors leading into the riders lounge, tack rooms and a bespoke mahogany locker room on one side and client and staff facilities on the other.

The 3 separate wash bay areas were designed and built in rendered blockwork with blue Staffordshire bull nose bricks to portray the natural lines of the horse and to match in with the general internal feel of the building

The riders lounge, tack room and accompanying rest rooms were designed and fitted out by the client to reflect her design and taste. A five star hotel for horses as 1 National Newspaper referred to it!

Dressage Yard, Surrey

Equine Planning, along with Equine Construction, were engaged by the client to design a dressage yard comprising a stunning block built, rendered, American Barn with 10 stables and associated facilities, along with an outdoor riding arena.

We have carried out a pre-app on one property and are assisting the client with feasibility studies at other possible sites.

Stockbridge, Hampshire

Client Brief – to design an American Barn with 20 stables and ancillary rooms for use as a Stud Farm to include storage barn, horse walker, all-weather turnout paddocks, lunge pen and loading bays.

Equine Planning in conjunction with Equine Construction has been asked to design an American Barn with 20 integral stables, wash bays, tack rooms, feed rooms etc all encompassed under one roof to allow the efficient management of a busy stud. The scheme will also include a storage barn for farm machinery, plant room for all services and hay and bedding.

 Ancillary to the stables a horse walker, lunge arena and all-weather turnout paddocks will be strategically placed to enhance the efficient running of the yard.

The client contacted Equine Planning and Equine Construction initially for advice and guidance on the design of the stud, having a wealth of experience of breeding and running successful yards as well as construction experience, Director, David Johnson was able to come up with a design which will be practical and efficient to run as well as aesthetically pleasing.

December 2019 – the design work has been completed and the planning application submitted.

Dressage Yard, Worcestershire

Client brief – to design an American Barn with 13 stables, 2 foaling boxes and associated facilities. The barn is to replace an existing stable building and timber stables.
The planning application is now ready for submission.

Private Client, Somerset

Client Brief – to design an American Barn to contain, office, tack room, WC and shower facilities, tie up bays, wash bays, solarium along with 10 external courtyard stables and a horse walker.

Equine Planning along with our sister company Equine Construction were nominated to design and build a new 10 box yard with all of the required facilities. This high-end project combines all of the ancillary tack rooms, offices, rest rooms, wash bays etc to be housed in a steel framed building, similar to a traditional American Barn, connecting to exterior stables in a courtyard configuration to tie in with the current surroundings.

December 2019 – the decision on this project is expected later this month.

Epsom Riding for the Disabled Association

Client Brief – to design a 65m x 25m indoor arena with viewing gallery, judge’s area, safety walking zone, disabled mounting area, new car parking and suitable access.

Equine Planning was approached in 2017 for initial discussions with the Epsom RDA around how to restructure the existing facilities, to cater for the ever-increasing number of riders currently on their waiting list. The benefits that horses can give to disabled people are truly amazing and we were delighted to be part of this exciting journey.

The site had a good equestrian footprint but in order to cater for the additional clientele we needed to create an extension to the existing outdoor arena and propose a new 65m x 25m indoor arena that would sit next to the current one.

We initially carried out a pre-application for these requirements and unfortunately the feedback was quite negative due to part of the proposed development encroaching onto the green-belt land.  Equine Planning were, however, able to demonstrate the local need and support for these facilities and along with careful landscaping plans, and traffic management, we were thrilled to have the full planning application approved after a referral to the Secretary of State.

Private Client, Woking

Client Brief – to create master plan for equestrian facilities to include, refurbishment of existing stables, new stable block, 60 x 25m indoor arena, 60 x 25 outdoor arena, storage barn, horse walker and new paddock layout.

Our client recently bought a previously established racing yard which had run into disrepair. The site consists of some beautiful original brick-built stables and other ancillary buildings.

The brief from the client is to renovate many of the existing buildings and also to build a new stable block to replace some existing timber stables, build a new 60 x 25m indoor arena and a 60 x 25m outdoor arena and large storage barn

Equine Planning have now finished the concept and design work and are ready to submit to the council planners over the coming weeks

Private Client, Gloucester

Client Brief Stage 1 – to design a new American Barn with 10 stables and ancillary buildings, 60 x 20m outdoor arena, storage Barn, new access road and car parking facilities, post and rail fencing of paddocks.

Equine Planning have been working on a new exciting project for a private client in Gloucester, to obtain planning permission for a new outdoor arena, American Barn for 10 horses and large storage barn on the 50 acre site

The initial design was sent to the council under a pre-app to receive written feedback as to how they would receive the proposed project. We are delighted with how supportive they have been, and we are now working through traffic surveys required to demonstrate that the country lanes can accommodate the construction traffic along with tree and ecological surveys before submitting for full planning in June.

Private Client, Hertfordshire

Equine Planning and Equine Construction were approached to look at an existing design for a 60 x 20m indoor arena which already had planning approval, the client asked us to re-design the indoor arena to make it more functional from the rider’s perspective, more economical in the materials but to still satisfy the planners!

We were recommended for this project by previous clients and with David’s first-hand knowledge of the requirements for indoor arenas both structurally and from the rider’s perspective we have come up with a new design which works well within the landscape and is practical. The new design has now gone back to the planners for their consideration and approval

Indoor Riding Arena, Surrey

Equine Planning were invited to design an indoor arena facility suitable for use by disabled riders and helpers, with specialised mounting areas and a viewing area.

May update – progress has been slow, however the pre-application is now complete and we are moving forward to full planning.

Commercial Property, Wokingham

Processing has begun on a pre-application for an American Barn complex to 20 stables and an outdoor arena for commercial use in Wokingham.

Private Stud, Portsmouth

Equine Planning were approached to design an indoor arena for the new owners of an equestrian property in Portsmouth.

The brief was to design an indoor arena for a dressage rider and breeder, that would sit discreetly within the topography of the site and cause minimum visual impact, whilst enabling our client to work her horses all year round.

May update – a positive response to the pre-application has been received and we are ready to move ahead with a full planning application.

Private Facility, Chichester

A pre-application has been submitted for a private equestrian facility to include an outdoor arena and new American Barn with 4 stables.  Feedback has been positive and now moved to full planning.

Property Development, Oxford

Positive feedback has been received on the pre-application of the development of an existing barn in Oxford, to include internal stables and a new outdoor arena.

Private yard, Oxfordshire

Equine Planning have been approached to design a stable yard and indoor arena for a private client in Oxfordshire.

Pre-applications have been submitted and we are awaiting feedback.

Private Equestrian Facility, Suffolk

Equine Planning were approached to design a private yard for the new owners of a property in Suffolk.  The brief was to design stabling within an existing barn, with associated tack room and feed stores.  The project also included a horse walker and the design of an all-weather outdoor riding arena.

We are delighted to confirm that planning approval went smoothly and that construction is now also complete.